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Hi, I'm Lashundra the Founder + Creator behind Scents of Eternity! I started making soy candles after experiencing the agony of carrying a baby at heart rather than my husband and I arms. From that moment forward I wanted to incorporate something that I love dearly (candles of course!), in addition to honoring our loved one! So, that's how Scents of Eternity came about!

Handmade in Atlanta, Georgia, each soy candle in our collection is earth-friendly, carbon neutral, guaranteed to burn longer and cleaner with the slightest residue buildup. Our small business decided to choose soy wax blends to create a better experience for our customers such as getting rid of all those yucky chemicals amongst the air that you breath in your personal space.

At Scents of Eternity we are very bubbly and perhaps delighted to add love in each candle so that your personal space remain plentiful and long-lasting for hours!

All Natural



100% Cotton





Any comments, questions, or special requests. We’d love to hear from you!

Atlanta, Georgia

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